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Available services, details & prices

60 Minute Reiki session

Prices available upon Booking

1 full hour of relaxing and stress releasing Reiki energy healing

30 Minute Reiki session

Prices available upon Booking

30 minutes to help de-stress, feel a little lighter and clearer

Long Distance Reiki


Cant make it in?  Long Distance is a great option, where you are relaxed in your own home! Session is between 35-45 minutes with 5 min start up phone call and 10+ minute post session phone chat!

60 min DUO Session


A powerful session provided by 2 Reiki Masters!
Benefits noted: Deeper sense of peace, increased Reiki energy flow, mediumship messages and deeper health/body intuitive information

Mediumship Reading


60 minute Mediumship provided by Nadine. You will be able to hear from loved ones who have moved on. 

Health Intuitive Reading


30 minute reading where your body has the opportunity to provide you information and or confirmation of what you are experiencing. This does not diagnose or provide any medical counseling (leave that to the Dr.s!), but can shed some light and confirm what you, perhaps are already intuitively, are feeling.