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Our Practitioners

Who we are & how we got here


Always had been sensitive to energy, Nastasja learned early on that people, animals and nature in general held different vibrations of energy. Later learning she had empathic attributes, she took focus to learn more about what energetic vibrations are and how they can impact as well as heal. Nastasja is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, an Animal Reiki practitioner* and Intuitive using the ablitly in compliment with Reiki. She is also a certified Akashic Records reader.

On Reiki
Nastasja's first personal & physical introduction to Reiki was at a healer's "store" where the healer said one of her chakra's was blocked and proceeded to move her hand over the mid-section of her back (while seated).  She felt the circular motion of her hand, yet the healer's hand did not touch her.  Years later (with an experience with her cat), a persistent urge to find a Reiki instructor, where she and Nadine then received level 1 & 2, Master and Teacher certification through 3 Reiki Master Teachers. Nastasja is currently offering and teacher Reiki as a Master Teacher and Animal Reiki practitioner*. She is registered with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA #16-168), fully supporting Reiki healing to "helping those to heal themselves".

* Learn more about Animal Reiki at:


Nadine is an empath & has always felt there is more out there then what surrounds us in this physical world.  Since early childhood Nadine has had many experiences with energies (seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing).  In her first introduction to Reiki in her early 20’s (working on her) she had the most beautiful experiences & knew there was something so special with Reiki, and hoped one day she could master the art and pass on the healing. 
In addition to Reiki, Nadine has also studied with Spiritual Medium Carmel Joy Baird completing Level 1 awaken your spirit, Level 2 Extensive Mediumship, Level 3 Mediumship 101, and is also a Certified Practitioner in Akashic Records.

On Reiki
In 2014, through Nastasja a Reiki class & Master presented itself, and Nadine thought “how perfect” and the timing was right!  During Nadine’s first level of training she had a profound experience and knew this is something she was always meant to do.  After her training, Nadine worked with many clients and kept having the yearning for more knowledge, thus taking her level 2 and then her Master Practitioner level.  As of  August 7, 2016 Nadine has completed & obtained her Reiki Master Teaching Degree, and is currently working to register with the Canadian Reiki Association.  In the near future Nadine is looking forward to sharing her learning with others.

On Back 2 YOU Healing

Nastasja & Nadine have taken all Reiki Levels together (they have enjoyed this journey side by side) & have completed their Master Teachers degree.  Currently, they enjoy working on clients individually and together when clients require a more powerful healing session.  They also enjoy spending time working as a vendor as “Back 2 YOU Healing” in different venues sharing the healing of Reiki.

Reiki Videos - Introduction to Reiki

We have gathered a collection of videos we feel best give an understanding of what Reiki is and what you would expect from a Reiki session.

Disclaimer : Each session is unique to the individual, we advise to view these videos as a basic expectation of what you may experience

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Q: What do I expect at a Reiki Session?

A: Similar to a massage session, you will lay on a table and be fully clothed. The practitioner will place a light blanket on you to ensure you are cozy and comfy. Once you are relaxed, they will lay their hands on you, very lightly, starting from the top of your head working their way down to your legs & feet. You may notice tingling sensations to temperature changes, to muscle twinges and in some cases drift off into a light sleep.

Q: Where are you located?

A: St Albert, Alberta. Each practitioner has a separate room within their home specifically set up for Reiki healing. First: this ensures session fee remains low and affordable, and Second: the practitioner has control of the environment, assuring quiet and peaceful serene session.  

Q: What is a "Duo session"?

A: A Duo session is where Nastasja & Nadine provide the Reiki healing together! Not only is the healing session energetically charged, much more information is made available about your body and messages from passed loved ones (yes, its wickedly amazing!).