Back 2 YOU Healing

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About B2U, Our Focus

Our goal is to help you facilitate your healing capabilities.  Each one of us has the ability to tap into our own divine healing intelligence, it is a matter of how and when one wants to start their healing journey!

Energy is more than something that powers our homes or mobile devices, it is the life force, past the basal level, that keeps this planet and all who dwell on her alive.  When energy becomes unbalanced (physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric), then we become unbalanced - thus various formation of illness, emotional instability and overall "I don't feel like myself" sets in.

One must know that there a many modalities that help facilitate healing and overall well being. The most important aspect is that any alternative healing methods used should be a collaborative effort with the current Medical system.  As "not feeling well" can have variable causes, incorporating energetic healing into your wellness regime will ensure you are addressing your health issues at every level. 
About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice, which is based on the principle of "life force energy" that flows in each one of us.

An application of the practitioner's hands onto the recipient's body allows the Reiki energy to flow to and activate the body's natural innate ability to facilitate healing and promote emotional & physical well being, with so serious stress releasing attributes.